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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  September 25, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the u.n.'s operating budget. the next closest, japan, pays 12%. mo nations pay 0.01%. neat are we getng t no, really? what are we getting? but back to me, of course. traffic was a bear this morning. so i think the u.n. would be better served somewhere else. i'm sure another struggling nation would love to make some money off the well-heeled diplomats who inhabit the builng and tbut like high maintenance wife who is all take and no give, i think it's clear thas you know more trouble than it's worth. that does it for "the cycl" it's all yours. >> sarah elizabeth, you might have considere walking if u were stuck in a cab for an hour. ituy, smb 2th,e and it's presidents and prime ministers at the crossroads of the world. serious issues demand serious leadership. >> let me be clear,merica
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rodiacnd resolve this issue believe that there is still time and space to do so. that time is not unlimited. >> leaders who will stand up against tyranny. >> the iranian government continues to prop up a dictator in damascus and supports rrorisgrps abroad. >> not bluster in public. eom feel we're at the mercy of events. never apologize for america. >> the kowtow to the rich in quiet rooms. >> what you do is you say to move thing around the best way you can, you hope for some degree of stability but you recognize it'soing to remain an unsolvedrobl. ou'tavh ways, mitt. auto i'm not familiar precisely with exactly what i said but i stand by what i said whatever it was. it has been a heck take day in new york city with the president delivering major speeches at the united nations
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and the clinton global initiative where his republican rival mitt romney also offered some remarks. and in a breathless day of nonstop talk andelr. romney has just arrived for a rousing event in ohio where he's desperately hoping to claw his way out of a substantial polng deficit. there are sign mrs. romney may be coming to hisenses after joking at the clinton global initiative that he could do with ithero a former president. >> if there's one thing we've learned in this election season, by the way, it is that a few words from bill clinton can do a man a lot of good. all i got to d now is wait a couple days for that bounce to ppen. >> right, we'll keep our eye on at. e rumt ry l tk about these days is his attack on the president for saying the middle east would face bumps in the road and romney's suggestion that the president was somehow referring to the deaths of the american ambassador to libya and three other diploms. a theme that romney rra
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today though in a more muted form. >> syria has witnessed the killing of tens of thousands of people. the president of egypt is a member of the muslim brotherhood. our ambassador to libya was assassinated in a terrorist atta. inowd nuclear weapons capability. we somehow feel that we're at the mercy of events rather than shaping events. >> now, tt is a rather different romney to the one we heard behind closed drs at a certain funrais where h edtel toremain at the mercy of all sorts of events like, say, those in the middle east. il issues i say e eliminaon there's just no way. you move thing along the best way you can and you hope for some degree of stability but you recognize it's going to remain
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an unsolved problem. >> and, of course, it was in stark contrast to the president who addressed the united nations today on a wide ran ofue warning iran that time is running short for a diplomatic resolution to their nuclear ambitions. >> make no mistakes, a nuclear armed iran is not a clle thane contained. that's why the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> the president devoted a large portion of his speech to the arab springnd its fallout. just t weeks after thettac thatilled ambassador chr stevens, the president promised even as we will bring the killers to justice, he will not back down from supporting democracy nor from protecting freedom of speech. indeed, the president extended his spirited defense of free expression even t rks ai hif. as president of our country
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and commander in chief of our military, i accept that people are going to call me awful things every day. and i will always defend their right to do so. [ applause ] >> i wonder who he's been talking about there. let's get right to our panel now. in washington dana mill bank, political columnist for "the washington post." in west palm beach, florida, msnbc politil analyst professor michael eric dyson who we have persued toeave h mojito by the poolside and in washington, political analyst david corn. david, we know mitt romney behind closed doors is quite willing to let all sorts of thorny internatial issues be taye complains of our being at the mercy of events. now, should we assume that given his running of a single olympics in utah he's now qualified to
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dominate every world nation and make them behave ase'd like tho? >> excuse me, you took what he said today seriously? >> i did. i always do. >> i think that's the problem -- >> i'm sorry. >> as you did, as millions d, you know, those tapes put out last week,ou know, the stuff that he said abo palestinian/israeli crisis was a little overshadowed by the 47% remark which more people could relate to, but it was quite troubling because he was pandering to i think as much an extent as we've ever seen a the nors in that room -- ng to >> vi dav,'r saying it was quite troubling. i thought it was absolutely staggering that a man would stand up two purports to be president of the united states and describe the palestinians as totally disinterested in any form of peace. it's unbelievable. >> put thataside. i mean mayelieve that, and wrongly so, but what he said was in that meeting, he doesn't
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believe in a two-state solution, which he entitled to believe, but publicly he's say he believed in a two-state solution. t public.r lyingrer l in the same set of remarks he joked a former secretary of state had called him and said, you know, i think there are prospects for peace in the middle east and romney says literally, really? i didn't delve into tha with m. he showed no interest in a way to peace in the middle ea a guy who is not serious on the issue, yet he goes to the u.n. today and says that obama is willing to be shaped by external events. i mean, it's really something that we should be laughing or maybe crying at and not taking it all seriously. >> okay. well, da,n utterly dismissing mr. romney. romney's foreign policy mouthpiece was chaenged by andrea mitchell to defend his somewhat hawkish posture towards iran take a listen, dana. >> is governor romney really
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aro oitn right now and open up a regional war? >> so governor romney has not advocated military action and any suggestion that he has by the president or his surrogates is a mischaracterization. >> dana, i'm sorry, so romy doesn't advocate mitar ac, he president is weak for not aocating military action. how does that one work? >> let me explain it that way, the position romney is taking on any foreign policy issue is he disagrees with president obama regardless of president obama's position onth. ann. he disagrees with it. what would he do differently? >> nothing. >> we don't know. he disagrees with the position on iran, on israel. what wld he do differently? atrethrc ete events unless he is going to reinstate the neocon advisers.
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>> 17 of the 24 advised president bush. >> and we saw what the results of that were. yes, you can shape events and arteat iadaq a w consequences of that were. so short of that, he does not -- of starting a new war, he doesn't really have another policy option. >> excellent. professor dyson, romney has claimed that the president belittled the deaths of ambassador stevens and three other americans whenepof the middle east experiencing bumps in the road. that's obviously a desperate attempt to undermine the president on foreign policy. and yet at the same time, sir, mr. romney thinks nothing of belittling 47% of the america population. >> absolutely right. the reality is this, is that mitt romney is attempting to exploit the statements by president obama, take th out of context, and use them as a pretext to justify his assault upon the foreign policy of the obama adminirati andet we
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whell thinks. again, we've seen behind the curtain. we see that the wizard of oz is a small guy. we see os not the big, bad wolf that he claims to be in his hawkish policies. here is a guy who dismiss the with eli condescension with the vast majority of americans. it's inexplicable why mitt romney would continue to poll even moderately well among those members of the white working class or working poor or those who are even in the middle class because mitt romney thinks th're a bunch of moochers and er onnd vmind victim hmong gmongerers. his picture of them is so distorted that we can't trust what he says about obama and we can't even trust what he says about theeo w ostensibly be part of his constituency. i think the man is confused. it's not the bump on the road, it's the bump on his head from which he's suffeng a bunch of
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stars and he can't see. >> i want to put a question to all of you. despite mittomney delivering i inatysoe speech for him, he did manage to throw in his hackneyed line about not apologizing for america. is that his favorite foreign policy strategy? >> he wrote a whole book about it. >> i have read thebook. isnt in time.of stu wh it a i think it's very interesting, i was talking to an obama adviser just today, and, you know, the romney camp is trying to use the usual publican playok on foreign policy, just call the democrat weak. everyone knows the democrats are weak so say he's weak and we're strong and that's good enough. after the bin laden raid and a the other attacks on al qaeda, libya, and what bush did in iraq and not really prosecuting the war afghanistan with any atiohele have turned, and you can't just have
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this reflective democrats are weak attack anymore. the public is not buying it. and yet romney still is sort of acting like it's 1979 and he can just come up with these catch phrases. i don't want to apologize for i don't think it gets him too far down the road with independents, with anybody who reads or thinks for more than a few moments but he's stuck, he's in this groove he' been in for a year and a half now and he can't get out of it even though i agree with you, the speech anotth h said up to date. >> dana, this line of the president's apologiesed even though there's no evidence -- >> the original definition is to explain, doesn't mean to express contrition i think he's just saying i not going to explain. >> dana mill bank, professor michael eric dyson, and david corn, ank you all. a big apple good-bye and a big hello to ohio, but is that battleground already sunk for
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the romney/rn ticket? stay with us. arins election season, by the way, it is that a few words from bill clinton can do a man a lot of good. >> if the president wins re-election, which is what i think will happen. [ malennocer ] rrcggts che yseye throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+. [ male announcer ] you start uray.. lo you, too. hig t 'sor tu your family...
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mitt romney and paul ryan have just concludedne of the busisf rpa neth mt important states in this election, but sadly it may be a little too late. because polls show that with exactly six weeks until the election, ohio is no more ready to vote for romney than it was a year ago. and thatself other swing states are also starting to line up
4:17 pm
ndheid joining us now from california, former u.s. secretary of labor and professor at berkeley, professor of economics no less, robert reich, author of a new book, "beyond outrage." here in new yor iyle krystal ball. just a few moments ago a rather tired and dishevele romney was speaking to a few supporters. take a lisn to this. >> wait a second, wait a second. romneyyan, romney/ryan, there we go. that's great. >> he's having to introduce them there to his name and his running mate's name. >> they were getting the hang of it. >> it was good. it's a bit of a problem thou, isn't it, because some of his advisers are actually sayin aty'tihi fightolliws and yet all the published polling that we have access to suggests that things are slipping away. >> that's right. and a lot has been made, you
4:18 pm
know, we have the debates coming up, they could be pival and they certainly could be but wee heard that in tt. hie idential pick was supposed to dang the dynamics. his speech at the rnc was supposed to change the dynamics. all these pivot points have actually gone in the other diction. i think voters are getting t debates. theirecn a it's hard to imagine mitt romney having such a stellar debate performance that he could really turn this thing around. >> are you sensing there's almost a rhythm of failure with all these events? there's a pattern of behavior? he has the opportunity, he doesn't take it. he has the oprtunit he doesn't exploit ok, it's never easy to beatn incumbent president and to a certain extent i think the right and the romney campaign fell into their own psychology about how awful he is and how terrible a president and how no one could possibly vote for him without surveying with a noiaseeye anei laman really like this president an
4:19 pm
want to give him another shot. >> professor reich, let me play you the president's response to something romney said on "60 minutes." this is important, sir. >> governor romney was asked does he thisai that he pays a lower tax rate than somebody who is making $50,000 a year and he said yes. i think it's fair, and i also think that's the way you get economic growth. i have just got a different vision about how we grow an economy. i think, barbara, you grow an economy from the meouot t down. >> professor reich, is the 15% rate, is it that that matters, or is it the view that romney would never betray his own class? >> it's interesting, martin. we've had presidents before who ost,nkwealthy, teddy roosevelt, john f. kennedy, but they have been traitors to their class, at least that's how the rich have felt. they have represented the poor, advanced labor unions, advanced social security, and all sorts
4:20 pm
of middle class and working cls goals. tt rney hesty thnde pde who is a spokesman, a sponsor, a booster of the rich, and that, i think, is what americans are beginning to see more and more. the president is exactly right. you can't build an economy from the top down. we have seen over and over again viig t breaks to the rich hoping that everybody else benefits, simply doesn't work. it didn't work when george w. bush provided that big tax break. it did not help when ronald reagan --eagamicsas presumed to create a lot of wealth for the middle class? no. the median wage began to stagnate. trickle down economics is a complete fraud. >> to professor reich's point, he says he thinks that perception is getting thrgh to thelectate. "washingtopost w tio nehese live and they interviewed voters there, and the thing that kept coming
4:21 pm
up for voters is romney is for th millionaires. people are getting that message. they're understanding at a basic level what the professors saying there. the thinghat's so strange to , wead ts d ie coy,e had this idea, we'll have unrestrained capitalism, which generally leads to these sorts of concentrations of wealth that we've seen, but on the other hand we'll have bigger profits and wean better take care of the people who are lling behind. well, now that we have the ntcuttet net.capitalism, ty the ryan budget, 62% of the cuts from programs that benefit the poor. so you're having this huge accumulation of wealth and then you're cutting the bottom out from under from the people who are really struggling. >> and the people are beginning to understand that's what this game is. profr reh, w relyt respecpublicans are blaming the candidate when they should really be blaming the party. what do you meany that? >> it's easy at this stage in an election, particularly when a candidate seems to be going down in the polls, for a party to
4:22 pm
y,, real issue is a bad campaign, the wrong candidate, bad staffing, a bad organization, bad strategy, but what the republicans really should be facing is that the gop itself has become so out of step withhe rest of this cnt thanmens seeing what the gop actually stands for, seeing the republicans at the convention, hearing the republicans in the primaries are beginning to say to themselves, we are not radical right people. we do not agree with this regressive radical right program that theop ibecoming. this is not the republican party of your grandfather. there are no moderate republicans left. there are certainly no liberal republicans left. this is a hard right tea party-driven rublin party d mo ic fly don't like it. >> and i think that's exactly why you aren't seeing specifics from the romney campaign because the specifics of that right wing
4:23 pm
agenda are jt absolutely -- >> they're untenable. professor reich, crikrystal bal thank you. we go straight to ohio to check in on the campaign trail. stay with us. but that doesn't mean we should be penalized for it. th's why liberty mutual insurance policies come standard wi accident forgiveness, if you qualify. learn more at libertymutualom. you're not just looking for a by house. eyes you're looking for a place for your life to happen.
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if you he symptoms that last two weeksr longer, be brave, go to the doctor. ovarian and uterine cancers are gynecologic cancers. symptoms are not the same for everyone. i got sick...and then i got better. we're exactly six weeks from election day and this afternoon tt romney touched down in the battleound state of ohio. he met up with his vp pick on the second day of their campaign bus tour. nbc's ron mott is traveling wit the he buckeye nnsow state. good afternoon, ron. the last time we saw mitt and paul together was way back on september the 1st. can you give us the feel for what their reunion was like today because i have to say we saw pictures earlier and it 't mt thinve i have ever seen. >> reporter: well, back on september 1st they were in jacksonville together, and that crowd seemed a little more enthusiastic than this crowd.
4:27 pm
it was an outdoor event but it was really tightly packed ent aonse a strip mall, if you will. here we're on the airfield at the dayton international, all the cheering really went up into the air and didn't quite play as energetic ashe crowd did 3 1/2 weeks ago. but the reblicans are saying this is what t govnor and campgn together because the two of them together on the stage, there's more energy coming out of that microphone than we typically see when they're going at it solo. so we'll expect to see them get together between now and november 6th. right now the plan, of course, is to continue this bus tour flyi sol tro wbe governor romney up into the northeast part of the state. >> but, ron, even as i was watching those pictures, i mean, mr. romney looked disheveled and his running mate looked as though he'd rather be working out than stuck on the middle of that strip talking to this small group of pe. epr:t nt to an outdoor store to buy his daughter some gear for hunting
4:28 pm
season, paul ryan that is. maybe that explained his look. i will tell you that as this race heats up, it is fall in isart of ohio and dayton today. ob 50, high 50s and a little wind. we had rain earlier. it's not the most sunshiny look for a rally, especially an outdoor rally, but there was some energy here, martin, to be sure. >> nbc's ron mott. off you go and catch the plane. thanks so much. epr:okay. stay with us. our "top lines" are coming up next, including mr. paul ryan's beef with the nfl. take a number. >> i got to start off on something that was really troubling that occurred last night. me last night?chhatke i mean, give me a break. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role
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from "60nutes" and "the " re today's top lines. >> watched his interview on "60 minutes." i don't think he helped soften his image. >> i'd take a dollar for those programs, send them back to the states and say to the poor they should sit in their apartment and die. >> youaid% i fal taxes. is that fair? >> capital has already been taxed once at the corporate leve >> so you think it is fair? >> it's the right way to encourage economic growth. >> you grow an economy from the middle out, not from the top down. >> a few words from bill clinton n do a man a lot ofgood. -eiohis what i s t w think will happen. >> girls play like a team. congress could take some lessons. >> it's almost like an etch-a-sket etch-sketch. >> when you have a fire in an aircraft, the wdows don't y hav ritual where he
4:33 pm
tucks you in at night? >> i'm not telling you that. >> what does mitt wear to bed? >> as little as possible. >> we need backbone in the republican party. >> the devil is in the details, the angels in the policy. >> did you wat the packer game last night? give me a brk. >> treil bn road. >> why consider these bumps in a road. i read some work that said first of all that classroomize didn't seem to be driving the quality of education. >> when you look at the budgets, they're talng abo slaing r st iucn. he cclusn is the greatest determiner of the success of a school system was the quality of the teacher. >> i get frustrated when i wear teacherashing. >> you were lucky enough to attend cran ooke ific education. >> we pay taxes so kids who are going to public schools can have good teachers and can succeed. >> let's get to our pnler panan.
4:34 pm
we're joined by thomas frank, us we're also joined by the managing editor of joy ann reid. mitt romney talked about education and it reminded me of that time when hwent to an where you were in philadelphia and he lectured teachers about class size citing mckenzie research. your response to what he said? >> ion't know if i have a response for that >> try not tose anle y can. >> their overwhelming research says the opposite of what mitt romney is saying. the schools that fare the best are the schools that are the best resource hools but also the schools that are situated in the most safe communities and in communities where young peoe are fed properly aan wk to an fchwit worrying about being robbed or running into problems or troubles.
4:35 pm
we need to have safer, stronger communities, and the idea that having 40 students in one class -- i'm a professor so i can speak to this from my own experience. having 40 stuns versus 2030 t same or it doesn't have th impact or the fek -- on the effectiveness of teachers is absurd. >> professor there saying that was a crap burger. now, mr. romney's educaon pn ase cel is to give parents a voucher, as i understand it, for $1,000 to go around and select your best school. now, i did some research this moing and discovered that kindergarten places in this city cost 3,00 ora ho well is that going to work for parents? you get your voucher. what do you pay for a week? >> i wonder how many vouchers it would take to get a kid into cranbrook.
4:36 pm
>> it helps if your father is a governor and psident of american tors i doesn't matter what the your grades are. at the end of the day it's very easy to say it doesn't matter the class size, it's all about the teacher. there was a time when tv the conservave position that parents had a responsibility to make sure that their kids were up for school on time, that 'dkfhere reto learn. i have heard horror stories coming out of miami of kids who can't stay awake because they haven't had breakfast, they went to bed at 11:00 or 12:00, they have no compur, no way to complete their homework. there was a time when conservatives belved paalpoil o helping parents to get their kids ready for school. now it's all the teacher's fault. >> can i add to that? i group up in a republican area of johnson county, kansas -- >> stop showing off. >> what distinguishedhis place is it was deeply doted t education, deeply devoted to education, but i want to suggest there's a different strategy to what mitt romney is saying that
4:37 pm
has absolutely nothing to do with education. this is not about education. the conservatives have a slogan, we should always remember this, defund the left, defund the le. when you take ney out of, you know, what we're going to spend selectively for education and give it to your constituents, you know who is going to get the $1,000 and who will use the vouchers, the people who are ready sending their kids to private school. you're taking resours awa from the hat teachers union. ofur ths nd left >> professor peterson, you agree. >> they want to defund public education amongst a wide range of other public programs and mr. frank there is absolutely right. they want torivatize it at the exact same time. so what essentially hpens is these vouchers are more le suier fhoan already afford. even the most affordable private school is around $5,000 to $10,000. that $1,000 will be a subsidy for people who can afford it and it opens up a space where they can continue to try to private advertise public education. >> it's important,too,he
4:38 pm
aduwi u there was a huge private industry of people who were running these charter schools, corporations that are running them, private entities this is the idea of clawing back public money to give to still moreoll plut krats. >> i'd like you to listen to this. >> what we've learned is everyone, blacks especially, are better off wn the white gild banks shut down ait w for more than a decade after the o.j. verdict but the media is in war mode. all they're talking about is racism. >> this was last night, miss ann coulter, saying that everything that malfunctions in this nation dueo the manifestation of white guilt. can you explain that? >> you know, that really doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.
4:39 pm
that was a sort of cliche about literatu of the subject in the 1950s and 60s. what i would suggest is this kind of -- the kind of touchiness and the sort of really thin skinned sensivity that she's describing there. this is actually -- i mean, this is projection, okay you rememtharf h pan? >> i do. >> it's all about whining. it's all about complaining. the biography of sarah palin is called "the persecution of sarah pal palin." it's a about how mean people have been her. >> he'saying is cmes manifestation of miss coulter's psychiatric illness. >> i can't quarterly with threl. this is about right grievance. they have spend 30 years sking a sense of grievance. emm is oat thetely sted
4:40 pm
1% are really doing to them by constantly saying they're trying to take your stuff. those immigrants, those black people. >> prose fessor, isn't joy righ this is white grievance about the fact there a black mann haven't seen any -- if you hear about bank and news about wells fargo using discriminatory practices to give out bad loans to people of color, that's the only banking i'm hearing about. let's think about this comment. i'm not sure if we shouldcoulte formal educated response. >> food stamp president, to mitt romney saying don't ask him for free stuff. >> it'all coming from the right. >> it's all come from m anu, f giving me a considered and nonexpletive riddled statement. that was tough. thank you. cing up, debbie sserman
4:41 pm
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from doing what she loves -- being my mom. [ male announcer ] stay strong, stay aive with boost. assumed they probably had the white house and possibly the senate within their grasp. today they have a policy-free presidential candidate losing in key swing states. and why? well, because of statements like this. >> 47% whore w him who are dependent on government who believe they are victims works believe that the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they're entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. my job is not to worry about those ople >> jnis i congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz of florida who also chairs the democratic national committee. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, martin. great to be with you. >> what happened? anyone, even mitt romney, was supposed to be winning the white
4:45 pm
house. is i m? isl9%ax rate? is it the fact he dismisses 47% of the american people? i mean, i could keep going, but would you like to tell me why? >> well, can i pickd," all of the above? it's really been astonis t wami romney engage in what has been the most divisive, exclusive presidential campaign ever run by a candidate. from the revelation that he is just disssive of 50% othe coy, of the country, which includes people, martin, like seniors who have paed their whole lives in medicare and social security and deserve to have that safety net be there for them when they retire or students who are simply ying to make a better life for themselves. >> or how about serving members of the miliry? wutvi mrsth military? >> you beat me to it, exactly. or our members of our military, veterans of the armed forces who
4:46 pm
when they are finished with their service and defendingur country come home and, for example, want to take advtage of the giill for the st urhe health care benefits from the va. these are the people that mitt romney in the 47% just wrote off and said that he's never going to get their support. well, you know, it's probably not at this point. eaouous that this vto b election and those comments underscore that there's just a clear choice. president obama has been making it very clear. we need to rebuild this economy from the middle class out. we need to make sure everybody has a fair shot and a fair shake and plays by the same set of rules, and we nd to mak sur th we ve pden e e fighting for the middle class and working families and moving us forward. >> okay. well, a number of conservatives are suggesting that paul ryan should be put out the more often. they'd like him to be more of an attack dog. but as you know, paul's
4:47 pm
budget has been described as the most callous, unchristian, and mathematically dyslexic budget that's ever been produced by anyone. so pushing paul ryan out there, my en, he didn't say the 47% comment, but he's not a lot better, is he? >> no u se what mitt romney was caught on that video saying that he was dismissive of the 47%, and paul ryan has just been completely dismissive of the 47% through his actual policies as their of the budget coit sohaords and deeds in a marriage of a republican presidential ticket that essentially says to the middle class and working families, to folks who are just trying to make a better life for themselves, and live e american dream, you don't matter. e etcommtee.emof i have had a front row seat to the romney/ryan vision of america. >> oh, i know, i have seen you sitting in those hearings. >> yeah. and what the romney/ryan budget
4:48 pm
says is let's turn medicare into a voucher system and increation seniors' premiums by $6,400. let's pass an additional $5 trillion in tax cuts skewed towards th wealthiest americans and let's ask the middle class to pay for those tax cuts. >> congrswoman, you don'tee rs, tis gng to help everyone. this is going to revive the economy. you don't seem to understand, those massive tax cuts are going to help everybody. that's wh that they keep tellin us. >> what i understand is mitt romney and pl ryan thinks w ld wa bac to failed policies of the past that nearly crashed our economy. they have got us into the worst economic crisis since the great depression. the trickle down economics that's been tried and failed and essentially are saying let's help millionaires and billionaires who already dbeherumbs from their t success will drop on the rest of
4:49 pm
us. that's not the approach we should be taking. we need to take the approach that president obama and joe biden have been fighting for, that we're all in this togeth and we need to work together to continue to move this country forwarso that in america if you wo har a pby rules, that you'll have an opportunity to succeed. that is a dramatically different approach than romney and ryan. >> very quick question, if i can, congresswoman, and i wonder if you coulde brief, what are your expectations for the house andhe sena? >> well, i think we have a real opportunity to take the house back. steve israel's leadership, the drive for 25, we have phenomenal candidates all over the country, and we have a real opportunity with president obama winning and doin wel i tatro ates for his coattails to be strong, but this is a grassroots campaign up and down the ticket. that's what's going to be key to our success, running a song grassroots, peop to people, neighbor to neighbor campaign versus the avalanche of special
4:50 pm
intere resources that are ndinrepuicanamns ugpe essentially having a handful of billionaires trying to buy the white house and the congress for republicans. that's the contrast we'll be presenting. >> that wasn't brief enough but i forgive you. congresswoman, debbie wasserman schultz, thank you so much for joing us. >> sy thus m aad on this national voter registration day. it's important. stay with us. bob...
4:51 pm
oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair oks great. didn't realize they did photosh here. heooll t m can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] feex office.
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oday isiovo gistration day. an important opportunity to remind everybody of their right to vote and to push back against efforts that seem designed to undermine voting rights, especially in critical swing states. the first ly chose to address the issue during a visit with the congression black cauc. >> make nota about it,
4:54 pm
this is the march of our time because in the end it's not just about who wins or who loses or who we vote for on election day. it's aut who we are as erics. ar fys a msnbc political analyst and the former dnc communications director. karen, given that there isn't any substantive evidence for widespread voter fraud in this country, do you think this is now part of the republican ta-it win thelen november, basically prevent as many democrats as possible from getting into a voting booth? >> well, let's see. we had a disaster in 2001. then we had help america votes act and then in 2008 whenhe a laply changed the electorate by registering a new swath of voters, young voters, guess what, the president won. and guess what? right after that in, what, 30
4:55 pm
states -- >> pure coinciden. pure coincidence. >> i mean,ouknt j so happens all these voter i.d. laws happen to pop up in states where we have seen the most growth in african-american and latino voters, people of voting age. so i'm sure it's just a coincidence though, martin. >> as we look at the map, karen, we find no few tn33 states have enacted voter i.d. laws. the attorney general, eric holder, has said he will not allow voting rights to be, and i'm quoting him, impinged by those who seek naked political advantage, but how many voters do y thi cou b disenfranchised by these voter i.d. laws? >> you know, martin, the brennan center had estimated about 5 million voters and then the advancement project actually came out earlier this week with a report that suggests about 10 sencs latino votersould disenfranchised, not just because of the voter i.d. laws,
4:56 pm
but because remember it's a whole swath of activities. it's these purges we'veeen in states like florida where they're purging their lists and they happen to be purging latino-sounding names and in democrat areas more tn other areasthe at also the changes in the requirements for documentation and sort of requiring documentation that people just simply don't have. so they've done a number of things to create these barriers. now, the justice department is fighng back pretty hard. there are a number of s. hie'oiel a number of states. the other thing i want to mention is people need to remember it's not just the voter i.d. laws. we've already started to see that tea party group, true the vote, their voter suppressi lmpe g i their ation tactics, early vote. they're challenging about 200 college students in ohio who happened to not put the number -- the room number from their dorm on their voter
4:57 pm
registration. so there's a lot of shenanigans going on. peop havtois t te sou know where your voting location is and make sure you have all the information you need on voting day. >> and the people said amen. karen finney, tnk you so much. and we'll be right back. i was teaching a martial arts class and having a heart attack.
4:58 pm
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